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East Window

As reported on the Projects page, the Friends agreed to pay for cleaning of the East (Resurrection) Window as part of their celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Friends.  This work is now complete, and the accompanying photos (reproduced by permission of Ken Davis, the photographer) give some idea of the clarity and vividness of the colours in the restored window.

Please click on the photos to see a larger version.

East Window after cleaning
East Window after cleaning
Bottom Right Corner - Designer and Painters Detail at the head of the window

Perhaps surprisingly, the cleaning was only found to be necessary on the inside, rather than the exposed outside, of the window.  The dirt and grime resulting from the effects of the fire in 1961, together with the smoke from the many candles burnt on the high and central altars over the years proved to be much more damaging than the fumes from traffic on St Mary’s Gate. 

The work was carried out by Mick Stokes, who was responsible for the refurbishment of the South Transept window in 2011.

Mick Stokes at work

Other than being very dirty, there was little wrong with the window, only requiring very minor repairs to the leadwork on one or two panes.

The finished work reveals the Resurrection window in all its original splendour.



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