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Quiz Night 20 May 2016

An enjoyable evening was had by all when 35 Friends and guests attended the Friends Quiz Night in the Saints function room.

The Question Master was Nigel Swann (wearing full Umpire’s cricket attire, complete with hat) who set the questions and scored answers in the form of a cricket match: two innings separated by the tea interval, 6 overs (rounds of questions) in each innings, each over consisting of 6 balls (questions). Each correct answer scored a run, but a wrong answer cost a wicket. 10 wickets down at the team was all out, and took no further part in the innings (theoretical only, it never happened to anyone, fortunately!).

The tea interval gave respite to what turned out to be progressively taxing overs. An easy start (name the six churches in the nursery rhyme “Oranges and Lemons”) quickly became a great deal more challenging (name six British universities founded before 1824!) but all 7 teams completed the game.

Winners were “Peabody and Danger Mouse” and last were “The Halfwits”, with prizes going to both.

A very pleasant evening concluded with a raffle, and Tony Hallam gave a well-deserved vote of thanks to Nigel.

Joyce Platts


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